Epuisette pliante
Le prod. La description Prix de.
8a. Non decor, une corne d`èlan 645 nok
8ab Non decor, deux corne d`èlan. 806 nok
8b. Sans decor, une corne d`èlan. 968 nok
8ba. Sans decor, deux corne d`èlan 1210 nok
8c Entaille miniature, une corne d`èlan. 1613 nok
8ca. Entaille miniature, deux corne d`èlan. 2420 nok




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Folding instruction
1 Hold the net with shaft towards your stomach and twist shaft and top in opposite direction.
2. Continue to twist.
3. When you have made an figure of eight, press the net straight towards you, at the same time you continue to twist slightly
4. Continue to press and twist until the net has folded nicely
5. The net is folded, reverse the prosess when opening the net.
NB! Do the operation as neat as possible and the net will last for many years.